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FEBRUARY 22- Colored Pencil led by Karen Deeds and Pat Hovis-French MARCH 21 - Mixed Media led by Nina Fournier and Yvette AyresAPRIL 18 - Old Masters led by Donna GillespieMAY 16 - Photographs led by the TRAG ShootersJUNE 20 - State of the Ozarks led by Joshua HestonJULY 18 - Pandora's BoxAUGUST 15 - Acrylics led by Robert StaleySEPTEMBER 19 - Bridges led by Pat Van HooserOCTOBER 17 - Top 10 Sellers of the Fall Show will give tips and tricks how they did itNOVEMBER 21 - Wood CraftersDECEMBER 21 - Handmade ornament exchange and Christmas Potluck

1st Place

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